Wooden Carving Modelling Tools : Set of 10pcs : High Quality Double Heads Pottery Clay Ceramic Polymer Paper Mache Sculpture

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  • Set of : 10pcs : Double Sided : 20 Shapes Cake Decorating & Clay Modeling Sculpting wood Tool Kit.
  • Pottery Clay Ceramic Polymer Paper Mache Sculpture Carving Tools tool set for working with clay, plasticine and other modeling compounds
  • Can be use for embossing on clay pot, carving facial expression of wax or clay manquŽ, can be use to design nails, or art pattern on fabric or paper.

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Product Description

AsianHobbyCrafts Mini Modelling tools set Consists of 10 Double ended tools, providing 20 tool shapes to cut,Carve,smooth and createTexture when sculpting. They feature a durable Boxwood Construction and ergonomic Design For Comfortable and Controlled usage. These tools are ideally Suited to working with polymer Clay such as make and Brake.