Sea World Figurines

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This kit contains all the required material to paint 5 adorable Sea world figurines. It includes 5 Sea World Resin Figurines (Octopus , Starfish, Penguin, Swan, Fish), Acrylic Paints (10ml each) and 2 Paint Brushes.

This kit is a great activity to engage kids and encourage the artist within them. This fun activity is a perfect alternative to make the video game generation do something productive and create wonderful collectibles.

The prime idea behind our DIY kits is to help develop very important skills in each kid along with a fun experience. This kit helps the child to increase FOCUS (by painting with precision); encourage SELF EXPRESSION (by using the contents to create something unique), BOOST SELF ESTEEM by channelizing his/her energy into positive endeavors.

The activity would help your young ones to develop hand-eye coordination, identify different animals and learn a fun fact about each animal in our elaborated product catalog. Figurines are a great medium to put life into your stories. Delve into the world of exciting stories through these Sea world figurines and let your kids enjoy through this fun way of learning.

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