Rock Painting Kit (Big)

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  • ALL THE ROCK PAINTING SUPPLIES YOU NEED: Contains 12 acrylic paints, 12pcs smooth river stones, custom round acrylic brush, and googly eyes. Just open the box, and let the fun begin. (paint colors may vary)
  • ENJOY THE RESULTS: Display your art in your home and garden, keep as pet rock, or hide them across the town and spread joy and positivity in your neighborhood. Makes a great gift too! The choices are endless
  • GREAT FOR GROUPS: Use in school, camp, craft groups, or art class. Develop your creative side with your friends
  • MAKES AN AMAZING GIFT: Give this set to a kid as a cool, fun, and educational present! Finally a birthday gift that won’t break your wallet but will be truly appreciated and can be enjoyed by children everywhere. The creative gift idea!

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Product Description

This arts and crafts set comes with all the tools and utensils you will ever need to enjoy rock painting. Rock painting can be a group or solo project, but either way it is bound to entertain you or your child for hours and hours. You can keep your art in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or garden. Many people choose to keep the rocks as a pet rock, or to give to someone meaningful as a gift. Others still, choose to hide them around their house and let their friends try to find them, or around the neighborhood and bring some surprise joy into someone’s day. Rock painting can be done by anyone, from basic pictures to complicated designs, anyone can learn to express themselves through this amazing activity. Makes a creative and unique gift too! Give a child a gift that won’t sit on the shelf ignored, but rather will be used to bring out his creativity and show his individuality. Easy and fun to use. Just open the box, and enjoy!