DIY Emboss Painting Kit : 269

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  • Velvet cloth : Qty-1pcs, Size-16×22 inch, Colour-Black
  • Paint colourĀ : Qty-8pcs, different colour
  • Base coat : Qty-1, Colour-white
  • Paint brush : Qty-2pcs
  • Glitter : Qty-1pcs, Colour-white


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Product Description

Emboss painting is a form of painting on a cloth which when ironed, appears to be raised or embossed, giving it a beautiful 3-d appearance. A wide variety of designs is listed in our catalogue. Steps to create: 1. Spread the cloth on an appropriate base to be ironed. 2. Make sure all four edges are tightly stretched. Apply hot iron on the backside of the cloth. 3. Remove the iron when whole design is embossed. 4. After embossing, apply base coat on the embossed part. 5. Let it dry for upto 10-15 mins. 6. Apply the pearl shining colours according to your preference or take ideas from the reference picture. 7. For outlining, use sketch pens.