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How to Make a Dreamcatcher – DIY Dreamcatcher Kit

Did you know how dreamcatchers originated? The Ojibwe Native American people made dreamcatchers popular during the Pan-Indian movement during the period of ‘60s and ‘70s. The dreamcatchers get their design and inspiration from the at movement of that time which brings a very boho vibe.

With feathers and threads knit beautifully together, dreamcatchers add beauty to your room. They bring a boho, cozy feeling to your room, making it look aesthetically beautiful.

There are some simple steps to make your own dreamcatcher at home. Here are those enlisted here.

You’ll need these items:

  1. The hoops or rings made of metal or wood. The size of the ring depends on the size of the dreamcatcher you want to be.
  2. A spool of strings used to create the feather embellishments. Choose whatever colors you like.
  3. Feathers and beads to decorate the dreamcatcher. You can also use colorful laces to make a look extra dreamy.
  4. Start with anywhere on the hoop and wrap pieces of colorful fabric around the metal ring.
  5. Finish wrapping the ring and secure the fabric with adhesive.
  6. To weave the center part of the ring, measure about a pinky finger’s length from the top knot and continue making notes one pinky finger away from each other. Feel free to tighten up a you keep building it.
  7. Decide what feathers and fabric you want to hang from the dreamcatcher. ṇṅḥ
  8. Tie the beads and feathers with thread and tie them to the thread. Fold the thread in half and tie them to the metal ring.

Viola, your beautiful dream catcher is ready to hang.

You can hunt for your all the materials online, all use old pieces of clothes and wool to create a dreamcatcher. If you’re looking for all the supplies in one package, you can also opt for Asian Hobby Craft’s DIY Dreamcatcher Kit. From colorful feathers, threads, and metal ring, you will find every item you need to make a beautiful dream catcher. Decorate your house with beautiful dreamcatchers and bring a boho look to your room.

Start with this hobby today.

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