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DIY Ribbon Flowers at Home – DIY Flower making Kit

Flowers are pretty to look at, decorate your home with, but they never last for long. Do they now? What if you could make your own flowers keep them preserved for longer? As a hobby, making flowers is extremely satisfying, and is a great outlet to your creativity. Here’s a way to make some pretty flowers at home. Do you like ribbons? Here’s a way to make beautiful flowers with satin ribbons at home. It’s so easy to do that you’ll get attached to this hobby easily. Follow these simple steps to make a bunch of beautiful flowers at home:

You will need a few things to get started:

  1. A 12-inch long ribbon of your favorite colors. You will find a beautiful range of colors and varieties here.
  2. A small needle with thread that matches the color of the ribbon
  3. A metal wire for stick
  4. Green floral tape for metal wire. It’s important to get one with good glue and sturdy texture to keep the flower on the metal tape.

Put thread in the needle and tie a knot at the end of the thread to hold it in place.

Push the needle from front to back into the ribbon along with the edge. Keep doing it until you have finished the whole thread.

Draw the thread tight and before you finish the running stitch. This will help in creating a basic form of a ribbon flower.

Stitch over the last few stitches to secure the form of your ribbon flower.

Start folding the ribbon so that it forms a shape of a circle. The tails of the ribbon should hang down from the flower.

Use a metal wire, cut it off according to the size you’d like.

Use green floral tape to wrap on the metal wire to make it look like a stick.

Hold the flower with the floral ribbon and wrap the green tape around the ribbon flower. Wrap it until it’s attached tightly to the metal wire.

Viola, your beautiful ribbon flower is ready.

You can decorate these flowers in a flower vase or a basket to assemble it in the way you like. Decorate your room with pretty ribbon flowers or gift it to your friends. Keep yourself busy, creatively.

If you don’t have time to hunt for all the items individually, you can pick a package that contains everything. Pick your complete package from Asian Hobby Crafts and make beautiful florals right away.


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